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Faithful Albuquerque: Twenty-five Churches

Information about exhibitions from Albuquerque Museum's Photo Archives

Presbyterian Church Abq

First Presbyterian Church
300 South Fifth St. 1949
Gift of Albuquerque National Bank

Through Spring 2017

Faithful Albuquerque features images of twenty-five early Rio Grande Valley churches from Albuquerque Museum's photo archive collection. By 1930 the city had forty houses of worship, all Judeo-Christian. The Jewish community had one synagogue with the remainder Catholic and Protestant. The Catholic parishes had the majority with ten churches.

The oldest church still standing in the city is San Felipe de Neri in Old Town, completed 1793. San Francisco Xavier was an earlier church built in 1719 that stood just northwest of the plaza.

The images in the exhibit show examples of the diversity of church architecture. The designs ranged from the classic Spanish to Eastern American influences. As Albuquerque grew, people wanted to build churches that represented their stylistic ideals.

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Elaine de Kooning, 1920 - 1989
"Juarez" (detail), 1959, oil on canvas
Collection of Albuquerque Museum