Current Exhibitions

Visit the Albuquerque Museum to see the following exhibitions now on display.

Visualizing Albuquerque

January 31 – May 3, 2015

At the heart of this collaboration, the Albuquerque Museum’s exhibition titled Visualizing Albuquerque, curated by Joseph Traugott, will investigate the unique history and present of central New Mexico art and serve as an umbrella for institutional partners. Traugott says, "Albuquerque artists found their own artistic voice after World War II and transformed a western boom town into a thriving art center. This exhibition demonstrates how an influx of modern-minded Californians moved to Albuquerque and changed the city by unleashing the creativity of local artists. The resulting abstract works broke with traditional New Mexico scenes. Visualizing Albuquerque revels in the region’s diverse artists and reveals how their distinctive fusions have bridged aesthetic divides and cultural rifts.”

Rad Gadgets

Feb 21, 2015 - Aug 1, 2015

Rad Gadgets is a fun look at off-the-wall vintage tools and equipment from the Museum collection. The exhibit will be presented in the newly named William A. + Loretta Barrett Keleher Gallery just a few weeks before the opening of the new history exhibition.

Rad Gadgets will inspire visitors to explore the Museum’s collection of antique and vintage gadgets, with an eye toward recycling. Particularly trendy is the notion of using Victorian-era industrial design as inspiration for contemporary Steampunk art and fashion.

Rad Gadgets features vintage tools and equipment including recent gifts from the Hays family, Keleher family, Bob Myers, PNM Forerunners, and others. The collection ranges from simple and strange to quirky and complicated. No single object will be identified upon first glance – you’ll have to guess what it is!

Visitors will be able draw fantasy gadgets and vote for their favorite gadget. Programs will explore the role historic tools, equipment and their intriguing parts play in fashion design, recycled art, and Steampunk art.


Rad Gadget 1: Albuquerque High Scoreboard
Gift of Bob Myer
Rad Gadget 2: Power New Mexico Gauge
Gift of the PNM Forerunners



Frederick Hammersley: The Art of Conversation

Through May 31, 2015

Internationally renowned artist and longtime Albuquerque resident Frederick Hammersley was most famous for his abstract paintings and prints. Hammersley freely acknowledged that drawing was the foundation for all of his work, most of which has never been exhibited and provide an exciting look at his working methods. He was born in Salt Lake City, served as an Army sergeant in Europe during World War II, and stayed in Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts after the war. In 1968, he moved to Albuquerque, where he made art until his death in 2009.

Common Ground: Art in New Mexico

Permanent Exhibition (East Gallery)

Ernest Blumenschein, Star Road and White Sun, 1920; Museum Purchase A permanent art exhibition highlighting a significant and museum-owned works from the late 19th century to the present day, including some that have never before been viewed by the public.

In January 2013, Albuquerque Poet Laureate Hakim Bellamy presented poems he had written based on artwork in the Common Ground exhibition. The poetry is available for visitors to view in the exhibition, or you may download it here.

Ernest Doty: Summer Artist-in-Residence 2014


Well-known street artist and Albuquerque native Ernest Doty was the Museum's Summer Artist-in-Residence for 2014. He spent two weeks working on a large-scale mural project that flows throughout the entire museum. His work will be on display indefinitely. View the video below to learn more about Ernest and the Museum's Artist-in-Residence project.