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Albuquerque Museum: Community History Proposals

The William A. + Loretta Barrett Keleher Gallery: Exploring the rich heritage of Albuquerque through the stories of the people and community groups that make up the city.

Community as Curator

Mr and Mrs Michael Keleher, and Mr and Mrs William B Keleher at the 2015 opening of the gallery in honor of their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keleher, and Mr. and Mrs. William B. Keleher at the 2015 opening of the gallery in honor of their parents.

Six-month rotating exhibitions encourage active community engagement in determing the content of the gallery.

Albuquerque Museum invites community members to propose exhibits for public display. These exhibits serve as a means by which the people of Albuquerque might explore our past, the issues that make up our present, and stories that impact our future.

You can create an exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum! The Museum’s Keleher Gallery Review Panel is actively collecting proposals from our local community for our 2018-2020 exhibit schedule. The Keleher Gallery exhibition series presents exhibits on community history and contemporary issues that are important to the people of Albuquerque.

Community Exhibition

To be involved with the Community Exhibition:

Exhibition Calendar

  • Back to Life: The Community of Historic Fairview Cemetery (2016)
  • The Jews of Albuquerque in the 20th Century: Building Community along the Rio Grande (2016)
  • Tuberculosis in Albuquerque (2017)
  • Central Avenue development near the Huning Highlands neighborhood (2017)
  • Chinese American contemporary issues (2018)


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Elaine de Kooning, 1920 - 1989
"Juarez" (detail), 1959, oil on canvas
Collection of Albuquerque Museum