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Pottery Connects Us: 2nd Saturday at Casa San Ysidro

Casa San Ysidro invites our neighbors, partners, and the public to a educational day about Southwestern Native pottery and the pottery collection at Casa.


This event has already happened.
Aug 11, 2018
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM


Casa San Ysidro
973 Old Church Road
Corrales, NM 87048


Second Saturday at Casa San Ysidro features a lecture by Dr. Lea McChesney interpreting Southwestern Native arts and the historical processes and social contexts that have transformed them over time. Get a behind the scenes look into collection items at Casa San Ysidro.
Within Pueblo communities, pottery has served as part of a social network of exchange relationships that play an active role in kinship. In the effort to educate the public on the reciprocal lives that collection items sometimes have,
Dr. McChesney will show how social values, from a potter's perspective, convey into the marketplace and are not restricted to local contexts. The museum will also provide a children’s activity about pottery iconography and feature the pottery collection at Casa San Ysidro.
The traditional context of pottery has changed within a means of becoming a commercial craft. The event serves to illustrate the circulation of pottery, the social and cultural context of pottery production, and how rural communities struggle to foster the ideals of traditional rural life when being pressured by their surroundings.
The event is free. 


Pottery Connects Us: 2nd Saturday at Casa San Ysidro

Dr. Lea McChesney is the Curator of Ethnology at Maxwell Museum and Director of the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies at the University of New Mexico


Aaron Gardner