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DOWNLOAD — Family Art from Home

Download a different art project each week from Albuquerque Museum.


Nov 07, 2020
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


Albuquerque Museum
2000 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


Family Art from Home

All ages will enjoy our family art projects. Download a new project each week. Try your hand working with a variety of art mediums that you have available at home. Child and grown-up friendly! 


Alexander Calder Inspired Sculpture

Alexander Calder was known for his playful approach when working with various materials. In this project you will experiment with various shapes and explore the possibility of reassembly to create abstract or realistic sculptures.

Autumn Crown

Create a crown to celebrate the arrival of autumn using natural materials gathered near your home.

Brown Paper Bag Sami Pouch

Sámi People are reindeer herders living in the north of the Scandinavian countries and Russia known for their beautiful and functional ‘duodji’ (handicraft). The pouches are made out of reindeer skin, embroidered in bright colors and sometimes decorated with beads. Inspired by this traditional art form, you will make your own pouch out of a brown paper bag.

Gaudi's Tile Creature

This creature is inspired by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. One of his most recognizable works is The Park Güell in Barcelona, where he covered walls, sculptures, and houses in colorful tiles.

Clothespin Creature

Make an entertaining papier-mâché creature from scratch who can help hold things together around the house..

Glue and Oil Pastel Portraits

Put your pencil away and grab some glue to draw an expressive portrait of yourself or someone you know.

Totem Creatures

In many indigenous cultures around the world, totems are created to represent a person’s family or their tribe. They are often symbolized through animals or people. In this project, you can create a totem that symbolizes your family by using items found around your home.

Torn Paper Art

Enjoy the imprecision of torn paper pieces while creating a portrait, landscape, or still life.

Ink Insects

Craft beautiful handmade insects that you would welcome in your home! Insects can be placed in sight wherever they can be enjoyed.

Frame It!

Transform a matchbox into a three dimensional decorative frame for your special image or photograph.

No Yarn Required

This weaving project uses common materials found around the home. Use unexpected materials to create a unique necklace or art weaving to hang on your wall.

Star Book

Make a star shaped book by using paper folding techniques and common materials around the home. This handcrafted book is a beautiful place to preserve your drawings or the stories you want to tell.

Yes, we can!

CAN ACTIVISM is art made of recycled cans with a positive message. The art can be in the form of words, visual designs, or a combination of both. These elements can be nailed onto poles, wooden fences, or movable wooden panels.

Funny Free-form Face

Create a humorous portrait—no drawing skills required! Add a decorative frame to make your portrait display-ready.

Kinetic Face

Kinetic art depends on motion for its effects. In this project, create a kinetic sculpture animating the facial features of either yourself or a family member. This project has many steps so you can easily assign different parts of the project to others and make it a true family project!.

Silver Lining Cloud Suncatcher

Celebrate the arrival of the monsoon season by creating a sun catcher inspired by the stormy skies.

Modernist Bird Mobile

American Artist Charlie Harper is best known for his stylized wildlife prints and illustrations. Make a bird mobile inspired by the artist and the birds in your backyard.

Father's Day Tie

Make a great wearable art piece to celebrate your father on his special day!

Mini Paper Flowers

Make a beautiful paper flower or a whole bouquet from materials you have at home.

Spring Mobile

Make a colorful mobile to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Hand in Foil

In North Africa and the Middle East, dating back to the 7th century, people of all faiths have used hand shaped amulets called “Hamsa” to offer protection to ward off danger. In this project create your own amulet using tin foil.

Shove a Penny Board Game

Nothing brings families and friends together more than a good, old-fashioned board game. This game from the shuffleboard family is played in pubs primarily in United Kingdom. Two players or two teams compete using pennies.

Territorial NM "Tinwork" Frame

Ornamental tinwork originated in New Mexico during the mid-19th century as food products in tin cans arrived through the Santa Fe Trail. As people in New Mexico had limited access to material for artmaking, containers that once held products like coffee, lard, and kerosene were repurposed into picture frames, nichos, candle sconces, and more. Create your own version of New Mexican tinwork at home using aluminum foil.

3D Paper Character

Explore the world of 3D using simple materials around your home. Create a character expressing your different moods or the faces of your family, friends or neighbors.

Radial Abstract Designs

Radial designs move from the center to the edge of a circle. In this project, words and color form the basis for the design. Watch your words transform into a beautiful abstract artwork before your eyes.

International Sculpture Day

Betty Sabo was a painter and sculptor who spent most of her life in Albuquerque. Sabo’s paintings and bronze sculptures can be found in many public spaces around town. Julia Resting is a sculpture and portrait of Julia Seligman, a long-time volunteer at Albuquerque Museum and a friend of the sculptor.  Julia was known for her elaborate jewelry, and could often be seen sitting outside the Museum. Sabo was able to capture both of these things in her inviting sculpture, which encourages visitors to take a moment to sit and relax with her friend.

Botanical Art Illustrations

Celebrate spring and the new growth around you. Make your own botanical illustration inspired by your surroundings and imagination.




All ages welcome! Every Saturday from 1 to 2:30 p.m., create a work of art in the Museum School. Try your hand working with a variety of art mediums. Child and grown-up friendly! A different project every week.

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