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Types of Tours at The Museum

Tours of permanent exhibitions, the sculpture garden, changing exhibitions, and self-guided tours.

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At the Museum, there are five types of tours. These include:

Permanent Exhibitions

Albuquerque: Along the Rio Grande depicts the history of Albuquerque and the surrounding region.

The tour includes sections featuring early maps, arms and armor, Spanish weaving, colonial life, vaqueros, and early trade routes. Select areas include touchable objects which allow students to learn history through their hands.

Download Along the Rio Grande - District Standards - Tour for Grades 2 through 5.

Download the Albuquerque Along the Rio Grande Teacher's Guide and accompanying images.

Common Ground: Art in New Mexico introduces students to the arts of New Mexico.

These include a range of works by artists in a variety of media, styles, and subjects. This exhibition provides students with a great opportunity to explore New Mexico through the eyes of artists and discover the many ways artists communicate their ideas.

Download Common Ground - District Standards - Tour for Grades 2 through 5.

Download the Common Ground Teacher's Guide.

Sculpture Garden

Now composed of more than 60 pieces, this primarily outdoor tour explores various themes, media, and techniques employed by prominent regional sculptors. These artists include Luis Jimenez, Alan Houser, Nora Naranjo-Morse, and others.

Changing Exhibitions

For more details about current & upcoming exhibitions, check out our current exhibits.

Download the Changing Perceptions of the Western Landscape Teacher's Guide.

Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided tours allow you and your students to explore and learn about the Museum without the assistance of our Museum docents.

Spend as much or as little time on any or all of the exhibits as you would like!

Subheader Image Details

Elaine de Kooning, 1920 - 1989
"Juarez" (detail), 1959, oil on canvas
Collection of Albuquerque Museum