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School & Teacher Programs

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Information about school and teacher programs at the Albuquerque Museum.

How Can We Help?

Review all of our program options and let us know what is best for you and your students.

Contact us with questions or suggestions.

Our school and teacher programs use the museum’s resources to support student learning.

Through tours, workshops, educational materials, and special programs we engage students and teachers in learning through real objects.

Key Skills

We design our programs to encourage the formation and practice of key skills such as thinking critically, being creativity, and communicating effectively. In addition, our range of exhibitions assists students in understanding their world and exposes them to the rich diversity that exists in their community.

Consider us your partner in the education of our community’s youth.

School Programs

Information about School Programs at the Albuquerque Museum.

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Teacher Programs

Information about teacher programs at the Albuquerque Museum.

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