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Lead with the Arts

Lead with the Arts is a free after school program in the arts for students ages 15-17 years old.

Lead With the Arts

Lead with the Arts is a free after school program offered by the Albuquerque Museum for students ages 15-17. It takes place at the Museum on Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m.  The program provides a dynamic learning environment where teens work collaboratively with their peers and local artists to create a group work for display in the Museum. They also spend time exploring art together in the Museum and art spaces around Albuquerque and they see behind the scenes to understand how museums work.

This year the Museum has partnered with Larry Bob Phillips to create two and three dimensional art directly on the Museum’s walls. Students applying should have a passion for drawing and some experience. For more information and an application contact Elizabeth Becker at [email protected] or 764-6515. Deadline to apply is October 7.

Application & Information

Interested students must complete an application.

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