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Casa San Ysidro Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Casa San Ysidro.

Casa San Ysidro exhibits a varied collection of over 1300 items, ranging from early Spanish Colonial New Mexican styles to 19th century Victorian fashions.

caption:Image of the cook table at Casa San Ysidro.

caption:Image of the low kitchen at Casa San Ysidro.

caption:Image of a loom at Casa San Ysidro.

Associated People

People associated with Casa San Ysidro and its collections: Don Felipe Gutierrez; Governor Manuel Armijo; Governor Henry Connelly; Governor L. Bradford Prince; Nicolas Sandoval; Leandro Duran; William Illfeld. Places associated with the collections: New Mexico; Rio Abajo; Middle Rio Grande Valley; El Camino Real; Santa Fe Trail; Fort Union.

Other Associations: Spanish Colonial Period; Territorial Period. Casa San Ysidro is on the New Mexico State Register of Cultural Property.