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Police Standard Operating Procedures

Police Standard Operating Procedures are the rules which govern the conduct of Albuquerque Police Officers.
The Albuquerque Police Department's Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) is available online.
The manual contains three specific areas: General Orders, Procedural Orders and Administrative Orders.

Manuals Defined

The General Orders Manual contains directives that establish policies related to the core values and functions of the police department. General orders include the Personnel Code of Conduct, Discipline System, Social Media Policy and Officer's Duties.

The Procedural Orders Manual establishes the procedures used by sworn personnel to accomplish their duties. These duties include such things as vehicle pursuit, arrests, investigative activities and searches.

The Administrative Orders Manual provides police department personnel with guidance in administrative matters; such as temporary assignments, educational leave, purchasing and training.

Viewing the SOP

The SOP Manual is in Word format. It requires Word or OpenOffice to view. OpenOffice is a free productivity software available for download at Apache OpenOffice.

If you see a dialog box asking for a serial number when trying to access sections of the SOP click the "Read Only" button and the document should open.

You may view the Standard Operating Procedures Manual by visiting the following links.

  1. General Orders Manual
  2. Procedural Orders Manual
  3. Administrative Orders Manual