Police Oversight Board Members

    The Police Oversight Board (POB) is a Nine-Member board appointed by the City Council. Members will be appointed for three-year staggered terms and are eligible for reappointment for an additional full term. An initial one-year appointment for staggering purposes does not count as a term for purposes of reappointment.

    Contacting POB Board Members

    You may contact all current members of the Police Oversight Board by sending an email to:

    [email protected]

    Board Member Profiles

    Dr. Moira Amado-McCoy - Dr. Moira Amado-McCoy is currently President and CEO of All Innovation & Kairos Solutions. Dr. Amado-McCoy has experience as a teacher, facilitator, and liaison. Her interest in serving on the Police Oversight Board stems from being a native New Mexican and having a keen interest  in ethical and productive communication for community improvement. Some areas that Dr. Amado-McCoy would like to work in on the POB are ensuring transparency in organizational structures and finding avenues for bringing true diversity, multicultural perspective, and buy-in for a multi-stakeholder communication process.

    Dr. Jeannette Baca - Dr. Jeanette Baca is a counselor and retired professor of counseling. Ms. Baca wants to serve her community and be a part of the solution. She is a former board member of the New Mexico Counseling Association (NMCA) and has served on the American Counseling Association (ACA) Ethics Revision Task Force. She is interested in working on improving the process and standards for hiring officers in addition to implementing structural and systemic improvements outlined in the DOJ Report and Settlement Agreement.

    Susanne B. Brown - Susanne Brown has always been interested in working on ways to help children maximize their potential as well as working for a more just and less violent world.

    Eric H. Cruz - Mr. Eric Cruz is currently the Acquisition Program Manager at Kirtland Air Force Base. Mr. Cruz's unique set of knowledge, skills, and abilities can be an asset to the POB. They include: program management experience of setting and executing goals, working in a government setting, working with a team to achieve common goals, working in groups with dissenting opinions, education and training in leadership and communication skills. He is a resident of an area of Albuquerque that has high police activity.

    Joanne Fine - Ms. Joanne Fine has served as a member of the APD Public Safety Partnership for several years which worked on creating partnerships between the community and APD. Ms. Fine also served as Project Director for developing and opening the Family Advocacy Center which is a partnership between APD and United Way that serves victims of interpersonal violence. Her experience in developing the Family Advocacy Center provided her with the opportunity to work with human service providers, the courts, the DA's office, underserved communities, and law enforcement, which can be an asset to the POB.

    Beth Mohr - Ms. Beth Mohr is currently a Forensic Accountant and Investigator, Managing Partner at McHard Accounting Consulting. Ms. Mohr is a retired San Diego Police Officer; she's a former Investigator for the Independent Review Office in Albuquerque; and she's a concerned community member. She has a clear understanding of complex data sets, crime data, citizen complaint data and use of force data, and how each of these contribute to a lack of trust between the community and the police. Ms. Mohr Master's Thesis at UNM's School of Public Administration focused on achieving lasting outcomes in the implementation of civilian oversight.

    Rev. Dr. David Z. Ring Ill - Dr. David Z. Ring Ill is a retired Pastor from United Methodist Church and a retired Electrical Engineer from Sandia National Labs. Dr. Ring Ill is a former Police Chaplin in Odessa, TX and Los Alamos, NM and upon returning to Albuquerque, he wanted to be involved in serving the City and APD. Dr. Ring Ill believes the POB presents a unique opportunity to serve his community in a new and challenging way.

    Leonard Waites - Mr. Leonard Waites is a lifelong resident of Albuquerque which drives his interest in serving on the POB. Mr. Waites wants to ensure the safety of the City and assist in making the POB a fair and impartial system for the citizens of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department. Mr. Waites is a member of the NAACP and previously served on the Police Oversight Task Force. His areas of interest include mending the relationship between the community and police department and building a relationship between the Board and Chief of Police, as it will be important to correcting and implementing policies and procedures.

    Jeffery Scott Wilson - Mr. Jeffery Scott Wilson is currently the Director of the Victims Assistance Unit at the Domestic Violence Resource Center. Mr. Wilson is a former APD officer that worked for the department from August 1981 to July 1992. Mr. Wilson's interest in serving on the POB stems from his previous experience as a police officer and his work in the public sector in Albuquerque. Specific improvements that Mr. Wilson would like to work on while on the POB include: improving the citizen complaint process, focusing on incidents where lack of training was found to be a core issue, helping to create new training policies, and increasing APD accountability to the public.



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