The Mission of the Civilian Police Oversight Agency and purpose of new revisions to Police Oversight pursuant to City Law Sections 9-4-1-1 through 9-4-1-14 are to:

(A)     Foster and perpetuate policing policies and practices that

effectively maintain social order and which at the same time foster mutual

trust and cooperation between police and civilians;

(B)     Ensure that the civilian police oversight body functions as

independently as possible from the executive and legislative branches of

government of the City of Albuquerque;

(C)     Provide civilians and police officers a fair and impartial system

for the investigations and determinations on civilian police complaints;

(D)     Gather and analyze data on trends and potential issues

(E)     Provide policy guidance to the City Council, the Mayor and the

Chief of Police.

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Edward Harness

Executive Director

Civilian Police Oversight Agency

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