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Sweet Potato Pie, Beeswax Candles & Tasty Tomatoes at Your Grower's Market

City Councilor Martin Heinrich encourages Albuquerque residents to patronize their local grower’s market. “Local grower’s markets provide numerous community benefits. They preserve local farmland, keep dollars circulating locally, and provide some of the freshest items you can find,” said Heinrich.

Locally-grown items do not have to travel as far to get to your table, thereby allowing farmers to pick produce at the peak of flavor, which also preserves produce nutritional content. Shorter travel distances also save fossil fuels. Unique items can often be found at grower’s markets such as heirloom tomatoes, and heritage breeds of meat and fowl. Much of what is sold at grower’s markets is grown naturally, humanely, or organically.

Councilor Heinrich recently broke ground on a relocated market in his district, the Alcazar Grower’s Market. The market is located near the Ta Lin International Marketplace, close to the intersection of Central and Louisiana. The market is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7am to noon.

This week at the Alcazar Grower’s Market, Raven of Black Bird Pies was selling sweet potato and coconut custard pies. Raven uses either organic or locally grown produce in her recipes.

Faustino Pat Luna of Luna Farms offered traditional New Mexican fare such as onions, dried chiles, and pinto beans, in addition to some of the season’s first tomatoes.

Another vendor sold crisp English cucumbers, with tangy lemon cucumbers expected at the market soon.

Honey comes in varied colors and flavors, sold by Hay’s Honey and Apple Farm. The well known beekeeper also sells candles, honeycomb, lotions, and ready-made gift boxes. Visit the Albuquerque-area Grower’s Market nearest you.