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Pay Increase Proposed for Albuquerque Fire Department

Councilors Sanchez and Lewis to introduce legislation that would increase pay for the Albuquerque Fire Department.

February 2, 2014 - Albuquerque, NM

Salary Increase for AFD

Today, Council President Ken Sanchez and Councilor Dan Lewis, Chairman of the Committee of the Whole, announced their intention to introduce R-14-22 for immediate action at the February 3, 2014 Albuquerque City Council meeting.  This legislation reserves $1.8 million in the General Fund in FY/14 to pay for salary increases for fire fighters and emergency medical personnel. This reserve is equivalent to a 3.5% average pay increase for fire fighters and emergency medical personnel, subject to the collective bargaining process.

"World Class Fire and Rescue Response"

Council President Sanchez said “This resolution will ensure that the City will be able to maintain the world class fire and rescue response that the citizens of Albuquerque deserve and expect.  Fire fighters have sacrificed, along with the rest of the City’s employees, during our tough economic times and it’s gratifying now to be able to provide them some relief.”

"A First Step"

“This is just the first step in ensuring a restoration of funding for our men and women who serve in the Albuquerque Fire Department” said Councilor Lewis. “AFD personnel have a direct effect on the health and safety of our community and we as a Council need to make sure we do everything we can to retain our qualified and experienced core of first responders.”

Councilor Lewis, as Chairman of the Committee of the Whole, also expressed his commitment to make sure discussions regarding funding for the Albuquerque Police Department and Albuquerque Fire Department receive their deserved priority during the FY/15 budget process, which begins April 1st.

Press Conference

R-14-22 will be introduced at the City Council meeting on February 3 and moved for immediate action at that meeting.  Councilors Sanchez and Lewis will hold a press conference on R-14-22:

  • When: February 3, 2014 at 4:45 PM
  • Where: City Council Committee Room on the 9th Floor of the City/County Building


Councilor Ken Sanchez, Council President, 730-0967

Councilor Dan Lewis, Chairman of the Committee of the Whole, 615-6507

Read the official press release.

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