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Alcazar Street Growers' Market

City Councilor Martin Heinrich is proud to announce the opening of the Alcazar Street Growers' Market, located one block east of Louisiana on Alcazar Street between Central Avenue and Zuni Road, alongside the Talin International Marketplace.

The market began operation on Saturday June 30, 2007 and will run every Tuesday and Saturday from 7:00AM to noon until October 30th, 2007.

The Alcazar Street Growers' Market is the oldest growers' market in the city and was previously located at the Caravan Night Club before relocating to Alcazar Street in a partnership with the Talin International Marketplace. The relocation is part of a broader plan to bring positive development to the area once occupied by the former Blue Spruce Bar, an establishment that was shut down by the City of Albuquerque and then purchased for redevelopment. The long-term build-out plan for Alcazar Street includes streetscape improvements (complete with permanent road open/close fixtures) and infrastructure that will incorporate Alcazar Street as a public space for activities such as festivals, cultural events, growers' markets, and other similar community functions.

Growers' markets in Albuquerque are a critical part of the city's economy and diversity, providing goods that are raised and sold by New Mexicans and helping to foster good neighbor relationships between local growers and buyers. Each market is unique, reflecting the particular character of local cultures, soils and climates that are found throughout the state. For more information about other New Mexican farmers' markets, visit

Special appreciation goes to Victor Limary (Owner of the Talin International Marketplace), Raven Rutherford-West of Blackbird Pies (market co-coordinator) and Ken Hayes (market co-coordinator) for their tireless efforts in helping to make this transition a success. They, along with many others, have helped to make the Alcazar Street Growers' Market an important component of successful revitalization around the Central and Louisiana intersection, in the La Mesa and Trumbull Village neighborhoods.

For more information about the Alcazar Street Growers' Market, please contact the market's coordinator, Raven Rutherford-West (243-0719).