Highlighted Legislation

Councilor Gibson has sponsored or co-sponsored the following legislation.


O-15-47  C/S Amending The City's Purchasing Ordinance, Sections 5-5-11 Relating To Capital Project Purchases And 5-5-31 Relating To Pay Equity Reporting To Provide For A 5% Preference For Companies That Have Gender Pay Equity (Gibson, Pena, Winter)

R-15-195 Making Findings In Connection With The Resolution Of Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Development District 1 Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Senior Lien Tax Increment Revenue Bonds; Ratifying And Approving The Issuance And Sale Of The Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Development District 1 Senior Lien Tax Increment Revenue Bonds, Series 2015 (Gibson)

R-15-170 Approving Certain Amendments To The Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Development Districts 1 And 2 (The "Districts") Master Development Agreement And The Tax Increment Development Plan (Gibson)

R-15-167 Designating Fiscal Year 2015 General Fund Appropriations For The Completion Of A Survey Of Albuquerque Police Officers Who Are Recently Retired Or Are Currently Eligible For Retirement And Authorizing The Director Of Council Services To Enter Into An Agreement For This Purpose (Gibson)

R-15-166 Supporting The Joint Application Of The Winrock Town Center Tax Increment Development Districts 1 And 2 (The "Districts") To Revise The Base Year Used To Determine The Districts' Gross Receipts Tax Increments From Calendar Year 2007 To Calendar Year 2009 (Gibson)

R-15-148 Directing The Albuquerque Police Department To Maintain A Separate Accounting Of Expenditures Related To The Implementation Of The U.S. Department Of Justice Reform Recommendations And Requiring Quarterly Reporting Of The Expenditures To The City Council (Gibson)

R-14-147 F/S Establishing A Legislative Policy For The City Of Albuquerque For The 2015 Legislative Session Of The New Mexico State Legislature (Gibson)

R-14-146 F/S Establishing The Mile-Hi District And Creating A Mile-Hi/San Pedro Improvement Project To Improve Traffic Operations And Provide Bicycle And Pedestrian Facilities For The Purpose Of Making Neighborhood Improvements (Gibson)

OC-15-15 City of Albuquerque's Ability to Pay for Operations & Maintenance and Basic Services Associated with the Winrock TIDD Districts


R-14-111 Repealing Resolution R-05-236 (Enactment No. R-2005-061) Which Created The Mayor’s Office Of Volunteer Engagement (Move) Advisory Board; Creating The ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board; Specifying The Mission Of The ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board; Providing For Membership Appointment, Terms And Removal Of Members; Carrying Over The Members Of The Existing Move Advisory Board

R-14-109 To Submit The Following Proposition To The Voters Of The City Of Albuquerque: A Proposition To Impose A 1/8 Gross Receipts Tax For Essential Services; And Prescribing Other Details In Connection With The Special Municipal Election (Gibson, Peña)

R-14-102 Supporting Interest And Fee Caps On Non-Bank Lending Institutions In New Mexico (Gibson, Benton, Garduño, Peña)

R-14-101 Setting Policy Relating To The Circumstances In The Matter Of The City Of Albuquerque v. American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 624; Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association; And International Association Of Fire Fighters Local 244; Directing The City Attorney To Dismiss This Matter

R-14-83 Approving And Authorizing The Mayor To Execute A Grant Agreement With The Office Of National Drug Control Policy And Providing For An Appropriation To The City Of Albuquerque, Police Department

OC-14-5 Vote of No Confidence in Management Associates, Inc. as the City’s Collective Bargaining Negotiator

O-14-17 Amending Chapter Seven, Article Six Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque Relating To Seizures And Forfeitures Of Certain Nuisance Motor Vehicles

R-14-59 Relating To Public Service Company Of New Mexico's Plan To Replace 836 Megawatts At The San Juan Generating Station; Urging The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission To Modify PNM's Plan And Claims For Cost Recovery (Gibson, Benton)

R-14-45 Approving A Grant Application To The Department Of Housing And Urban Development For A 2014 Continuum Of Care Grant; And Providing An Appropriation To The Department Of Family And Community Services

R-14-40 Reallocating Funds To Address Deferred Parks Maintenance

R-14-33 Making An Appropriation To The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation And Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into An Agreement With The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation For The Production Of The 2014 Festival (Gibson, Garduño, Winter, Peña)

M-14-3 Expressing Support For The Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Products To Inform Consumers About The Content Of Food Products (Gibson, Benton)

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