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Reaction to Findings by Department of Justice Regarding APD

City Councilor Dan Lewis, Chair of the Council Committee of the Whole, Responds to the Department of Justice Findings

April 10, 2014

Albuquerque, NM

City Councilor Dan Lewis, chair of the City Council Committee of the Whole, welcomed the findings by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and stated that he will work hard to make available whatever additional resources are necessary to fully and quickly implement the recommendations of the DOJ.  The City Council Committee of the Whole is currently reviewing the City’s proposed 2015 budget.

Legislative Action

Councilor Lewis was among the first to call for a DOJ investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department:

  • He supported R-11-247 in August 2011 which asked the DOJ to look into “whether there have been instances or patterns of civil rights violations by the Albuquerque Police Department.”  In its report, the DOJ acknowledged that that resolution was a significant part of the “serious public concern” leading up to the DOJ beginning its investigation in November 2012.
  • He co-sponsored R-11-275 in October 2011 which affirmed that the Council and Mayor would work cooperatively with any DOJ review.
  • He co-sponsored R-13-138, which provided funding for a data analysis to ensure that the Police Oversight Commission had access to the data and information they needed to instigate reforms – another significant recommendation in the DOJ report.

"Closely Monitoring"

“Now that we have received the DOJ recommendations we’ll be closely monitoring the negotiated agreement between the City and the DOJ.  My highest priority will be to provide the funding necessary to begin to reform public safety in Albuquerque.  We owe that to the citizens of Albuquerque and we owe it to the officers of APD, the vast majority of whom do a very tough job honorably and with very little recognition.” says Councilor Lewis.


Read the Official Press Release

Download the Department of Justice Findings and Recommendations

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