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Funding Priorities

Councilor Lewis is working to fund economic development, infrastructure, and recreation improvements for residents in District 5. See how your tax dollars have improved the quality of life for West-Siders.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

The following improvements were paid for with discretionary money from the District 5 Council Neighborhood Set-Aside fund ($1,000,000 every bond cycle):

Park Improvements and Open Space Purchases

  • Purchase of land on Cibola Loop for a new library, multigenerational center, and pool complex
  • $97,581 for a new playground at Salida del Sol Park
  • A grass field and backstops at the northeast end of Ventana Ranch Regional Park
  • $49,328 to clean up Petroglyph National Monument
  • $11,200 for a batter’s eye at Volcano Vista High School’s baseball field
  • $250,000 for new regional park on the West Side
  • $100,000 for Open Space Purchases
  • Park sign naming the Hailey Ratliff Trails Park
  • $86,000 for the Petroglyph Little League Concession Stand & fencing
  • $5,000 for Maloof Airpark Runway repairs
  • $105,000 for new playground at Mariposa Basin Park
  • $25,000 to improve Cibola High School fields to prepare for a tournament that raised awareness of childhood cancers and other necessary improvements
  • Lights and other park improvements at the Santa Fe Village Dog Park off Unser Boulevard
  • Veterans Park Trailer
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pete Padilla Park in Barelas
  • Ventana Ranch Regional Park
  • Rancho Encantado Park
  • Seville Park
  • Park Hill Park
  • Chamiza Elementary Soccer Fields

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Left turn lane on McMahon at Pinon Verde
  • Traffic signal at Paradise and La Paz
  • Old Airport Avenue sidewalk infill to Cottonwood Drive
  • Completing westbound lanes on Irving between La Paz and Universe
  • Preliminary design of Westside Boulevard
  • Street light on Rancho Largo
  • Street lights near Cibola High School for safety purposes
  • Stonebridge Street Lights near Black Arroyo Park
  • Street Lights on Ladera between Bent Tree and Sequoia
  • Street Light on Day Flower
  • Median Landscaping on Ladera west of St. Josephs
  • Bicycle lanes and “No Parking” Signs Along Atrisco Between Ladera and Sequoia
  • Sidewalks along portions of Unser Boulevard
  • Drainage and Landscape Improvements on Coors and Villa de Paz
  • Median Landscaping on Paseo del Norte from Golf Course Road to Coors Boulevard

Traffic Calming

  • Directional markings, turn arrows at Paradise and Universe
  • Horizontal delineators on Ventana Village Road at Ventana Ranch Elementary School
  • Directional arrows, rumble strips on Scenic Road at Vista Terraza
  • Universe Variable Message Board
  • Speed Boards on Irving Boulevard between Unser and La Paz
  • Deceleration lane at McMahon and Stonebridge
  • Northwest Education Corridor Study and Improvements
  • Improvements at the Paseo del Norte and Ventana West Parkway Intersection
  • Volcano Trails Speed Boards on Rainbow Boulevard
  • Traffic calming on Valle Vista Drive and Golden Avenue

Neighborhood Signs

  • Riverview Estates sign repairs
  • Piedras Marcadas Neighborhood Association
  • Saltillo Neighborhood Association
  • Tuscany Neighborhood Association
  • Rancho Sereno Neighborhood Sign
  • Ventana Ranch Neighborhood Association
  • Paradise Hills Civic Association
  • Molten Rock Neighborhood Association
  • Santa Fe Village Neighborhood Association
  • Rancho Encantado Neighborhood Association
  • Ladera Heights Neighborhood Association
  • “Curb Your Dog” signs for Windmill Manor and Rancho Encantado

Library Improvements

  • $50,000 for purchase of new materials
  • $150,000 for purchase of new library site
  • Taylor Ranch Library: ADA compliant parking spaces, provide equipment and materials for the Library’s children’s room and video collection

Community Center Improvements

  • $25,000 for various improvements needed at the community center including sound equipment, projector and screen, new chairs, and additional exercise equipment.
  • Money to purchase new computers and exercise equipment

Public Safety

  • Parking lot replacement at the Northwest Area Command Center
  • $200,000 to go towards the design, plan and/or land purchase of a new fire station near the Education Corridor.

General Obligation Bonds

The following do not include the G.O. Bond projects classified as “city-wide”

2015 G.O. Bonds

  • $300,000 for police and fire equipment and vehicles, and to begin design of a new Fire Station in the Education Corridor on Rainbow Road
  • $400,000 to purchase land on Cibola Loop for a multigenerational center and begin preliminary design
  • $400,000 to purchase land on Cibola Loop for a pool complex
  • $500,000 for designing and planning a new library on Cibola Loop

2013 G.O. Bonds

  • $800,000 for the Paseo del Volcan / I-40 Interchange
  • $2 million for west side parks
  • $750,000 for Open Space land acquisition, fencing and protection
  • $400,000 for Irving and Universe intersection improvements
  • $500,000 for Irving Blvd widening
  • $500,000 for Rainbow Blvd improvements
  • $300,000 to landscape medians on Eagle Ranch from Paseo to Coors
  • $200,000 to complete Ridgeview Village Park
  • Funding for a master plan for the proposed 118th Street Regional Sports Complex

2011 G.O. Bonds

  • $224,000 for 3 acres of open space within the Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan area
  • $2,062,000 for 46.2 acres of open space within the Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan area (partially used impact fee money)
  • $2.8 million for a Regional Sports Complex located on the City's West Side
  • $250,000 for Paradise Hills Little League Improvements
  • $2.5 million for Central and Unser Library
  • $3 million for Unser Boulevard Reconstruction from Dellyne to Montano
  • $500,000 for Northwest Mesa Storm Drains Rehabilitation
  • $1 million for Northwest Arterial Roadway Improvements


2009 G.O. Bonds

  • $3,900,000 for 31.9 acres of open space in Volcano Cliffs (La Cuentista) area
  • $6.6 million for the Ventana Ranch Community Park
  • $800,000 for New Neighborhood Park Development
  • $200,000 Unser Boulevard Reconstruction
  • $3.2 million for Sixth Area Command Phase II
  • $500,000 for Northwest Arterial Roadway Improvements
  • $100,000 for a Feasibility Study for a Northwest Public Library
  • $1.5 million for Ladera Golf Course Irrigation Improvements
  • $1 million for NW Arterial Roadway Improvements
  • $500,000 Open Space Facility Renovation

    Budget Cycle

    The City of Albuquerque is required by state law to adopt a balanced budget. Councilor Lewis has been influential in reducing the recurring cost of government without raising taxes or fees, and without mass layoffs.

    For the full copies of each budget cycle, visit the Department of Finance and Administrative Services website.

    Fiscal Year 2017

    • Additional funding for state-of-the-art amenities at the Regional Sports Complex
    • Funding for an animal behavior specialist for the City animal shelters
    • $40,000 for LifeQuest youth mentoring services
    • Full-time drivers for the Department of Senior Affairs
    • Funding for the New Mexico Games
    • Funding sufficient to keep the Alamosa Library open

    Fiscal Year 2016

    • Funding for the Animal Welfare Division’s Trap/Neuter/Release program to humanely reduce the feral cat population
    • A 1.5% pay increase for police officers and transport employees
    • A 3% pay increase for firefighters
    • $25,000 for LifeQuest youth mentoring services
    • Funding to keep the Alamosa and Westgate libraries open

    Fiscal Year 2015

    • Funding for 1,000 police officers
    • Funding for social service programs including homelessness projects, drug abuse treatment and prevention, and mental health services
    • Funding to open a new library at Unser and Central, new exhibit space at the Albuquerque Museum, a new Insectarium and Desert Rose Garden and the BioPark
    • $900,000 to update the City's Master Plan and Comprehensive Plan
    • $165,000 for marketing and operating the Railyards
    • $1.1 million for improvements projects including areas of downtown and the new Innovate ABQ site
    • $1 million for cultural and community activities

    Fiscal Year 2014

    • No tax increases, no pay cuts and no layoffs
    • Funding for 1% raises across the board for all employees
    • The reduction of 26 vacant positions that have been vacant for a period of time
    • The hiring of more than 150 previously vacant positions over the coming months that will increase services to the community
    • Continued funding for Running Start for Careers, the high school retention and workforce development program and the International Baccalaureate Program at APS
    • Funding for personnel software that will expedite the screening and hiring process of applicants, saving tax payer dollars
    • Funding for a number of cultural and social services programs

    Fiscal Year 2013

    • Interview on the FY(13) Budget process between Dan Lewis, Chair of the Committee of the Whole and Jon Zaman, Council Finance Officer.

    • No tax increases, no pay cuts, and no reduction of hours at any facility
    • No layoffs or furloughs
    • Renewed funding for the equivalent of a 1% raise for bargaining unit employees making below $50,000.
    • New positions at Animal Welfare, Libraries and Transit
    • Additional funding for the Fire Department
    • Funded a 3rd session at the West Mesa Aquatic Center
    • Provided funding for a "Workforce Ready" program, International Baccalaureate program, and Running Start for Careers
    • $3 million to pay debt service on voter approved Paseo del North/I-25 bonds
    • A $2.9 million reserve for future capital projects


    Fiscal Year 2012

    • No new taxes or increases in existing taxes or fees.
    • Permanently eliminated 149 vacant positions saving the general fund $7.3 million.  Combined with the FY11 deletion of 158 positions, the City will have reduced the size of government by 307 positions which is to equal to an approximate 5 percent reduction in the size of government.
    • Councilor Lewis sponsored an amendment to fund an additional 3 Animal Welfare positions and 5 library positions
    • Placed an extra $200,000 in reserves, commonly called “rainy day fund,” on top of the 1/12th of the budget already put in as required by state law.
    • Budget did not affect operating hours for libraries, community centers, senior centers, city parks or museums.
    • Negotiated and approved a fuel hedge agreement to lock in city gasoline purchases at 2.71 per gallon which saved the City $600,000 dollars,
    • Albuquerque Police remained funded for 1,100 officers and a police academy class.
    • Budget allowed for one-time funding for new police cars, big ticket maintenance on the transit fleet, and new computers.
    • Funding for an enhanced spay/neuter program at the Eastside animal shelter continues.
    • Appropriated $200,000 for Running Start for Careers, a high school retention and workforce development program.
    • The City entered into an agreement with Presbyterian Healthcare Services as a sole source provider for health insurance benefits.  This agreement saves $4.7 million.
    • Realized savings of $606,000 as a result of negotiations with Bernalillo County to take over Fire Station 29, which is on County property.
    • Provided funding for the 2011 municipal elections and the leap year.


    Fiscal Year 2011

    • Permanently eliminated 158 vacant positions and provided for a 12 month delay in hiring another 88 positions saving the City $12 million
    • Effective 2.22% cut in the total cost of labor
    • No increase in taxes
    • No layoffs or furloughs
    • No shift in property taxes to Operations
    • Preserved the City’s 1/12th operating reserve as required by state law
    • $500,000 fuel reserve for unanticipated fuel price hikes above the planned $2.75 per gallon