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District 5 Projects

Ongoing updates about projects that directly affect the communities of District 5

Current Projects

Completed Projects

Current Projects

Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex

We purchased the 80 acres at 118th street and have begun the preliminary design process. Councilors Lewis, Sanchez and Peña look forward to making this dream a reality for the West Side and City of Albuquerque as a whole by creating a place for our children to play along with an economic base for sports tourism, where people come to Albuquerque to play, stay, dine and shop.

Traffic Signal at Paradise and La Paz

Councilor Lewis sponsored a resolution directing the City of Albuquerque to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Paradise and La Paz, in front of James Monroe Middle School. This was in response to neighborhood and school administration concerns about students crossing Paradise before and after school. We hope to have the signal installed by the time school starts in the fall of 2016.

Irving Boulevard between La Paz and Universe Boulevard

Construction on Irving Boulevard between La Paz and Universe is expected to start on late October and should be complete by Fall 2014.  The work includes construction of the remaining travel lanes and a traffic signal at Irving and Universe.  When that signal is installed the nearby 4-way stop will be removed.

Petroglyph Estates Park

Construction has begin on the new park on top of the escarpment.

Ventana Ranch Park

The fourth soccer field & 12 tennis courts are under construction. The next phase of the park will include racquetball courts, sand volleyball and a recreation center. Additionally the Parks Department is making plans for a dog park on the west side of Universe Boulevard. The dog park should be complete by Summer 2015. Please contact David Flores with any questions.


Councilor Lewis is working to construct a new library in District 5. We are in the preliminary planning stages. Councilor Lewis has committed $200,000 for land acquisition. Please contact Dean Smith with any questions or suggestions.

Multi-Generational Center

Councilor Lewis has begun the long-term planning process for a Multi-Generational Center in the Northwest Mesa. This center would serve senior citizens during the day and have activities for the youth in the evening. As it is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it is a very responsible use of tax-payer dollars and will make a huge improvement in the quality of life for all District 5 residents. Councilor Lewis has committed $250,000 for a feasibility study. Please contact the Director of the Senior Affairs Department, Jorja Armijo-Brasher with any questions or suggestions.

Recently Celebrated Projects

  • The aging playground equipment at Salida del Sol Park in the 7 Bar North neighborhood was replaced using Councilor Lewis’ set-aside funds for parks improvements.
  • After hearing neighborhood concerns about the sharp curve on Scenic Road at Vista Terraza, Councilor Lewis directed and paid for safety improvements including raised rumble strips in the westbound lanes on Scenic, more reflective arrows and a barricade at the curve, and reflective pavement markers to more clearly show the roadway boundaries at night.
  • Special Assessment District 228 completed the infrastructure improvements on top of the escarpment. They widened Paseo del Norte from Unser Blvd to the Escarpment. and Unser Boulevard from Paseo del Norte to Rainbow Blvd. Scenic Road was also completed to provide additional access to Unser Boulevard for residents in Montecito Estates.
  • For the past few years the State, the City and the Little League Board worked together to fund, plan, design and construct a new little league concession stand for the Petroglyph Little League in Mariposa Basin Park. The project was complete Summer 2014.
  • The long awaited traffic signal at Unser Boulevard and Molten Rock finally met warrant criteria and was installed Summer of 2014.
  • A traffic signal at the entrance to Ventana Ranch Park was installed to help cars going to and from the park safely enter Universe and help kids crossing Universe by foot or bicycle safely access the park.

  • City Councilor Dan Lewis, Bernalillo County Commissioner Lonnie Talbert, Senator Sander Rue, Representative Tom Anderson and the Board for the Paradise Hills Little League celebrated the Paradise Hills Little League Improvements, which include two new little league fields decked out with fencing, batting cages, backstops and dug outs, and 53 additional parking spaces.

  • Unser Boulevard between Bandelier Drive and McMahon Boulevard was recently widened to two lanes in each direction. The improvements will reduce the bottleneck and remove any lingering safety concerns for the area.
  • Per the request of multiple neighborhood associations and residents of District 5, Councilor Lewis asked the Department of Municipal Development to conduct a warrant analysis for and construct a deceleration lane on McMahon Boulevard at Stonebridge Drive. Funding for this public safety improvement was provided by Councilor Lewis.
  • Councilor Lewis approved funding to widen Unser Boulevard between McMahon Boulevard and Black Arroyo Boulevard and completed the project in the late Fall of 2012. This project widened Unser Boulevard to a consistent four lane configuration, coordinated the roadway between Bernalillo County and Sandoval County, added turn lanes and included concrete barriers at the request of the nearby businesses. As soon as it meets signal warrant requirements, there will be a traffic signal at Summer Ridge Road and Unser Boulevard. Traffic Engineers believe this will happen in the near future.
  • Councilor Lewis, Councilor Sanchez and Councilor O'Malley worked together to find funding that improved the 31-year old irrigation system at Ladera Golf Course. The project will save millions of gallons of water by eliminating leaks and boosting Ladera's irrigation efficiency from around 50 percent to between 70 and 75 percent.
  • Phase II of the Unser Boulevard Extension, from Paseo del Norte to Paradise Boulevard was completed in the Spring of 2012. These improvements included a traffic signal at Paseo del Norte and Unser Boulevard and improvements to the already constructed portion of Unser (formally known as Lyons) just south of Paradise Boulevard. This final phase completed the entire stretch of Unser Boulevard, from north to south and is vital to improving public safety and reducing congestion points throughout the West side.
  • The ribbon cutting for Phase I of the Unser Boulevard Extension, from Boca Negra to Paseo del Norte, occurred on September 9th, 2011. The improvements include: a traffic signal at the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Unser Boulevard; a traffic signal where Rainbow Boulevard intersects with Universe Boulevard; a full, two lane extension from Boca Negra to Paseo del Norte (approximately 1.4 miles); realignment of Rainbow Boulevard and Universe Boulevard to eliminate the S-curve; and construction of a bridge for Unser with approximately 900 feet of mainline storm drainage pipe.
  • Councilor Lewis was pleased to announce the completion of the improvements to the NW Education Corridor just in time for the start of the 2011 school year. These improvements include median fencing along Rainbow Boulevard between Volcano Vista High School and Tony Hillerman Middle School to prevent jay walking; extended turn bays into the school to eliminate traffic going out into the through lanes; and enhanced street lighting on Rainbow Boulevard. Councilor Lewis worked to lead the collaborative effort between Albuquerque Public Schools, the City's Department of Municipal Development, and the Albuquerque Police Department to improve the safety and traffic flow for children and drivers alike.
  • After many years of waiting, Councilor Lewis was eager to provide the funding for a Traffic Signal at Paseo del Norte and Rainbow Boulevard. The signal was installed at the end of the Summer of 2011. This is a permanent signal which provides pedestrian "walk" and "do not walk" signs thereby increasing pedestrian safety. There is also an additional turn lane for east bound vehicles on Paseo del Norte turning south on Rainbow Boulevard.
  • Re-creation of the artwork on Montano Bridge was completed in the Summer of 2011. This project was paid for out of the 1% For the Arts fund and is an importance piece of Albuquerque's Public Art Program.
  • The APD 6th Area Command building for the Police Department in District 5 is now complete. It was dedicated on May 17th, 2011 in honor of Michael R. King and Richard W. Smith, Jr. who lost their lives in the line of duty on August 18, 2005. This building is on track to be LEED certified and won the American Institute of Architect’s award. Conference rooms are available for any neighborhood meeting. Please call the substation, 768-4850, if you would like to reserve a conference room.
  • Councilor Lewis, per the request of the Santa Fe Village Neighborhood Association and surrounding residents, provided funding for lights at the Santa Fe Village Dog Park off of Unser Boulevard. These lights were recently installed by PNM at the beginning of March 2011 and have been a great benefit to the community.
  • In January of 2011, the Department of Municipal Development completed the widening of McMahon Boulevard west of Unser Boulevard to four lanes. Street lights were also added along the corridor to increase safety and visibility.
  • Councilor Lewis and Councilor Sanchez hosted a joint celebration of Unser Boulevard on November 16th, 2010. The ribbon cutting at Unser and Senator Dennis Chavez was followed by a groundbreaking celebration of Unser Boulevard in the Northwest.
  • Ventana Ranch Park Phase I and II are complete with grass fields, basketball courts and a playground. The additional grass space will provide more opportunities for children to get involved in sport leagues as the number of neighborhood parks is not sufficient to meet the needs of the District at this time.
  • The McMahon-Universe Connection was completed in the end of August 2010 with the official ribbon cutting celebration on September 7th, 2010. This connection has relieved much of the traffic that cut through surrounding neighborhoods and has helped with congestion around CNM.
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