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District 2 Newsletter - September 2, 2016

Hello Neighbors

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the next City Council meeting is next Wednesday, September 7 at 5:00 pm in the Vincent Griego Chambers, basement level of City Hall.  Enjoy the long weekend!

Legislation of Interest

  • AC-16-9 and AC-16-10 Appeals of Declaratory Ruling issued by Code Compliance Manager regarding the Edith Solid Waste Transfer Station:  These appeals are on the Council’s agenda for the September 7 meeting.  Council’s action at the meeting will be limited to accepting or rejecting the recommendations of the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) regarding the appeals and no testimony by the parties or the public will be allowed.  If Council rejects the LUHO’s recommendations, a full public hearing will be scheduled.  The LUHO has recommended that the Council void the ruling of the Code Compliance manager.
  • 25% Solar by 2025, R-16-36 (Davis, Benton) will be deferred to the Monday, September 19 meeting.  R-36 requires that the Energy Conservation Council (ECC) recommend a new solar energy standard for the City of Albuquerque, establishing a goal of getting 25% or more of the City’s energy from solar by 2025.  The City is one of New Mexico's largest energy consumers and should be a leader energy efficiency and environmentally responsibility.  This bill was deferred in order for staff to conduct a fiscal impact analysis (FIA). I believe that the FIA will reveal that there could be an even higher goal, and that it may obviate the need for extensive work by the ECC.   Additionally, we are working with members of the energy industry to identify ways of achieving the goal of 25% solar by 2025.
  • Bee City USA R-16-77 (Benton, Winter) passed unanimously last month, making Albuquerque a Bee City USA (BCUSA) and committing the City to the standards of BCUSA to enhancing pollinator health and habitat.  For more information about BCUSA, visit

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Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2

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