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District 2 Newsletter January 15, 2016


Hello Neighbors,

Happy New Year!

Legislation of Interest

  • Secondary Dwelling Units O-14-20:  At its November hearing the EPC voted to send the legislation back to City Council, with a recommendation that the Council consider adding a conditional use to the R-1 zone.  At the January 13 LUPZ meeting, the committee sent the bill to full Council without recommendation.  O-14-20 will be on the February 1 Council meeting agenda.
  • Process for Bosque Projects R-5-171 (Benton) was vetoed as the Administration backed out of the agreement that had been made in March.  We did not get the six votes required to override a veto.  Despite this, I will continue to monitor proposals for new work in the Bosque and I encourage you to do the same and to participate in public meetings about the project.

Upcoming Events & Meetings

 Project Updates

  • Projects List
  • Rio Grande & Candelaria Roundabout:  This project continues to move forward.  However, as previously reported, the bidding and construction of this project have been postponed due to delays in the federal right-of-way (ROW) process. All local governments are being forced to “federalize” their internal ROW process, which adds another layer of intricacy.  The city can’t move forward with the project until all certifications have been obtained. Meanwhile, per a request from the NMDOT to help them balance over programming of the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), this funding was moved out to Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2018 by the MRCOG, who administers the federal funds. The City’s Department of Municipal Development, who is managing the project for the City, requested to advance construct this project upon completion of the lengthy ROW process.   This will allow the City to construct the project earlier than FFY 2018 and hopefully allow the project to advertise for bids by January 2017.
  • Rio Grande Blvd Complete Street Test Project:  The re-striping of the roadway is expected to proceed as planned within the next few months.

 Community Announcements


Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2

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