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District 2 Newsletter 8/1/2014

Hello Neighbors,

Legislation of Interest

  • P-14-4 (Sanchez) will be heard at the Council meeting next Monday, August 4.  This bill is a proposition to be submitted to the voters that would amend the City Charter to change the Direct Legislation By Voter Initiative so that proposed measures would be submitted to the voters only at general or regular municipal elections rather than requiring a special election within 90 days of the petition.  This proposition would also change the calculation for the minimum number of petition signatures so that the number is consistently based on 20% of number the voters in the last regular Mayoral election.  (The current requirement is the greater of 20% of the number voters in the last Mayoral election OR 20% of the average number of voters in the last four regular municipal elections.)
  • Also on Monday’s agenda is O-14-15, which I am co-sponsoring with Councilor Ken Sanchez.  This bill would immediately suspend the operation of the Police Oversight Commission pending the establishment of a new oversight system.
  • I am introducing, along with cosponsors Klarissa Peña and Brad Winter, R-14-89 to designate funds for the continuation of the Heading Home program.  Heading Home has provided housing and case management services to medically vulnerable homeless people for the past three years.  This bill will be heard at the August 18 Council meeting.

Project Updates

Upcoming Events & Meetings


Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2

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