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District 2 Newsletter 2/27/15

Hello Neighbors,

Legislation of Interest

  • Bosque Construction R-15-169 (Benton, Sanchez): On Monday, Council will consider an override of the Mayor’s veto of my emergency bill (passed on February by a 5-3 vote of the council with Councilor Lewis absent) regarding the Bosque improvements process and funding.
  • Two-Year Capital Budget R-15-150:  The Council will also approve a final capital improvements budget for general obligation bonds to be put before the voters in the municipal election this October. Within that budget process are the following notable items:

1.  I am pushing to increase the amount for the Workforce Housing Trust Fund to a minimum of $5 million (vs. the mayor’s proposed $2.4 M and the current Council floor amendment of $3.4M).  These funds are critical to meeting the needs of a huge percentage of Albuquerque families that are rent-burdened to the point where they cannot meet other basic needs – not to mention the homeless population.  The Fund leverages private investment from outside New Mexico by a minimum of 4:1!

2.  Downtown walkability is funded to the tune of $900K-1.4M, depending upon amendment approvals.

3.  A  replacement rescue vehicle for Station 4.

4.  Critical storm drainage projects benefiting Martineztown, and the valley neighborhoods south of Downtown.

  • PNM San Juan Agreement M-15-9 (Benton): With the withdraw of additional supporters of PNM’s Stipulated Agreement for coal generated power at the San Juan generating station, I am introducing legislation once again calling upon the City’s PRC lobbyist to withdraw the City’s support for the Stipulated Agreement.  My intention is that the replacement power not include nuclear power, minimize the use of fossil fuels, and maximize the use of renewables.
  • Downtown Walkability R-15-152 (Benton) adopting recommendations of Jeff Speck’s September 2014 Downtown Walkability Analysis as a City policy for prioritizing multi-modal improvements in the downtown area was moved out of the Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee (LUPZ) with a recommendation of “Do Pass.”  This bill will be on the agenda at the March 16, 2015 City Council meeting. The meeting begins at 5:00 PM and is in the Vincent E. Griego Chambers, basement of City Hall.
  • Bikeways and Trails Plan R-14-142 (Benton, by request) will be deferred to the March 16, 2015 City Council meeting.  Council staff will continue to take comments!
  • Secondary Dwelling Units O-14-20 (Benton) is scheduled for a second hearing at LUPZ on Wednesday, March 11 at 5:00 pm in the Council Committee Room, 9th floor of City Hall.  O-14-20 amends the Zoning Code to add a definition and regulations for secondary dwelling units.  The proposed amendment would make secondary dwelling units a conditional use in the R-1 and RO-1 zones and a permissive use in the R-G and R-2 zones.  It also establishes design, size, parking, and occupancy regulations for secondary dwelling units.

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Isaac Benton
City Councilor, District 2



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