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Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored Legislation for District 1.

Legislation Sponsored

Councilor Sanchez has advocated for important legislation in his time on the Council, collaborating with his fellow councilors to pass resolutions that positively affect District

  • Co-Sponsored legislation during the extraordinarily dry month of June to protect Albuquerque from Fires (O-11-57)
  • Co-Sponsored legislation modifying sign requirements aimed at new subdivisions commonly built on the West Side (O-11-39)
  • Sponsored legislation to build and furnish Fire Station 7 (O-10-33)
  • Sponsored legislation requiring business to tell customers when a fee is charged for payment by Credit Card instead of Cash (O-10-17)
  • Sponsored a resolution to reduce truck traffic problems disturbing the neighborhoods along Ventura Avenue (R-11-249)
  • Sponsored a resolution requiring the City to honor free pool passes at city swimming pools (R-11-244)
  • Sponsored a resolution honoring Joe Armijo by officially naming the Los Volcanes Senior Center after him (R-09-366)
  • Sponsored a resolution that established and provided $450,000 for road improvements along Gunnison NW (R-09-325)
  • Sponsored a resolution that established and provided $250,000 for road improvements at 98th and Benavidez (R-09-243)
  • Co-sponsored legislation that reduced fines for running red lights (O-07-74).
  • Co-sponsored a ban on use of hand-held phones while driving (O-06-57).
  • Co-sponsored resolution that diverted $1.8 million for off-site improvements at Unser Crossing (R-08-96).
  • Sponsored legislation that formed the High School Dropout Prevention Program through an agreement with the County (R-06-128).
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