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Funding Priorities

Over the past four years, District 1 has received millions of dollars to improve parks, streets, libraries, safety and other amenities.

Through bonds, grants and appropriations, District 1 has seen improvements to its parks, community centers, police presence and streets, among other programs.

2009 General Obligation Bonds

  • $400,000 for parks improvements
  • $10,000 for the Albuquerque Police Department
  • $200,000 for streets projects
  • $4,390,000 for community and senior centers, including $4 million for Westgate Center
  • $650,000 for library acquisitions and staff

2007 General Obligation Bonds

  • $50,000 for community and senior centers
  • $1,795,000 for parks, including $1,375,000 for Pat Hurley Park
  • $2.4 million for streets projects, including $1 million for the Southwest Arterial

State Grants

  • $6.3 million for drainage, paving, landscaping and construction on Unser Boulevard
  • $300,000 for median landscaping on Central between Unser and 98th, and on Coors between Central and Bridge
  • $25,000 to install new appliances and computers in District 1 senior centers
  • $85,000 for Laurelwood Park, paying for a new basketball court and a linear park
  • $467,000 to install a fitness center at Los Volcanes Senior Center
  • $125,000 for Pat Hurley Park, funding the purchase of exercise equipment, computers and a security system, as well as hillside development and erosion control
  • $90,000 to renovate Westgate Library, paying for equipment and furnishings
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