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Highlighted Legislation

Councilor Gibson has sponsored or co-sponsored the following legislation.


R-14-111 Repealing Resolution R-05-236 (Enactment No. R-2005-061) Which Created The Mayor’s Office Of Volunteer Engagement (Move) Advisory Board; Creating The ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board; Specifying The Mission Of The ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board; Providing For Membership Appointment, Terms And Removal Of Members; Carrying Over The Members Of The Existing Move Advisory Board

R-14-109 To Submit The Following Proposition To The Voters Of The City Of Albuquerque: A Proposition To Impose A 1/8 Gross Receipts Tax For Essential Services; And Prescribing Other Details In Connection With The Special Municipal Election (Gibson, Peña)

R-14-102 Supporting Interest And Fee Caps On Non-Bank Lending Institutions In New Mexico (Gibson, Benton, Garduño, Peña)

R-14-101 Setting Policy Relating To The Circumstances In The Matter Of The City Of Albuquerque v. American Federation Of State, County And Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 624; Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association; And International Association Of Fire Fighters Local 244; Directing The City Attorney To Dismiss This Matter

R-14-83 Approving And Authorizing The Mayor To Execute A Grant Agreement With The Office Of National Drug Control Policy And Providing For An Appropriation To The City Of Albuquerque, Police Department

OC-14-5 Vote of No Confidence in Management Associates, Inc. as the City’s Collective Bargaining Negotiator

O-14-17 Amending Chapter Seven, Article Six Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque Relating To Seizures And Forfeitures Of Certain Nuisance Motor Vehicles

R-14-59 Relating To Public Service Company Of New Mexico's Plan To Replace 836 Megawatts At The San Juan Generating Station; Urging The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission To Modify PNM's Plan And Claims For Cost Recovery (Gibson, Benton)

R-14-45 Approving A Grant Application To The Department Of Housing And Urban Development For A 2014 Continuum Of Care Grant; And Providing An Appropriation To The Department Of Family And Community Services

R-14-40 Reallocating Funds To Address Deferred Parks Maintenance

R-14-33 Making An Appropriation To The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation And Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into An Agreement With The Albuquerque Film & Media Experience Foundation For The Production Of The 2014 Festival (Gibson, Garduño, Winter, Peña)

M-14-3 Expressing Support For The Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Products To Inform Consumers About The Content Of Food Products (Gibson, Benton)

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