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Information about City lobbyist registration.

The Lobbyist Registration Act requires not only registration, but also financial reporting. This page contains all forms created by the Office of the City Clerk pursuant to the Act.

Registered lobbyists and potential lobbyists are encouraged to contact the Office of the City Clerk with questions regarding registration and reporting.

Bank Accounts

The Lobbyist Registration Act requires that all lobbyists or lobbyist organizations to establish one and only one bank account for each lobby campaign for which the individual or organization is registered.

The bank account is mandatory, regardless of whether the lobby campaign involves receiving contributions or making expenditures.

The Office of the City Clerk cannot accept Lobbyist Registration Statements that do not include the bank account information.

Required Statements

All registered lobbyists are required to file certain statements with the Office of the City Clerk following their initial registration

The first report is due five (5) working days after registration and shall show all contributions and expenditures made prior to registering with the Clerk up until 5 p.m. the day prior to the filing.

Subsequent reports are due every twenty-eight (28) days until the lobbyist files a final statement.

If there are no contributions or expenditures to report, the lobbyist shall submit a letter to the City Clerk stating that there was nothing to report in the previous period.

The final statement must include a sworn statement that all lobbying has ceased on or before the date of the statement and all contributions and expenditures.