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Voting & Elections

Information about Municipal Elections.

2017 Runoff Election Results

Results for the Nov. 14, 2017, runoff election.


Voting Information

Information about polling locations, candidates, voter registration, voter ID & accessibility for voting.

Poll locations, runoff candidates, registration, and more.

Voting Locations

Information about voting Absentee and how to request an absentee ballot.

Information about polling sites hours and locations.

Candidate Information

View information about candidates, campaign finance, and historical election data.

View info about candidates, finances, and past elections.

Needed: Poll Officials

Learn how to be a poll official.

Get paid to be part of the election process. Apply today!

Ballot Information

View a sample ballot, as well as proposed bonds and ordinances.

View sample ballots for the Nov. 14 runoff election.

Board of Ethics

View information about the Board of Ethics, meetings, and agendas.

View Board of Ethics meetings and agendas.

Election Governance

Additional resources pertaining to municipal elections in the City of Albuquerque:

Public & Private Financing

City Candidate & Measure Finance Committee Information