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Development Process Manual Updates: January 2016

View the Development Process Manual updates for January 2016.

The Development Process Manual (DPM) responds to the mutual needs of the private and public sectors in Albuquerque to clarify the development process of the City. When revisions to the DPM are needed, the proposed revisions are heard by the DPM Executive Committee which was established to review and direct changes to the DPM. The DPM Executive Committee consists of 11 individuals from the public and private sectors. Any proposed rule change to the DPM shall be in accordance with ROA 1994 Chapter 2 Article 15 Section 1, et seq., entitled Rules and Regulations – Scope, Notice, Hearings, Access and Repeal. Should a proposed revision to the DPM be recommended for approval by the DPM Executive Committee, it is transmitted to the City’s Chief Administrative Officer for approval and signature. After the proposed revision has been approved, it is filed and posted with the office of the City Clerk.