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Clean, Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy IconClimate change is one of the most significant and critical challenges confronting the world today and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies is key to addressing this challenge.

We define renewable energy as solar, wind, geothermal andClean Renewable Energy 2 biomass based on Albuquerque’s geography and local resources. We believe these resources will play a major role in the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint for the Albuquerque metropolitan area. The lion’s share of greenhouse gas reductions will come from solar- and wind-generated electricity, implemented energy efficiency measures and behavior changes for energy conservation. Geothermal also has some real potential for efficiently heating and cooling homes and businesses, as does biomass.


During the Document Review Phase, team leaders developed broad evaluative criteria to rank strategies by estimated implementation costs, greenhouse gas reductions, timing and feasibility.

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