ABQ BioPark has two separate gorilla groups.

Gorillas exhibit banner

The ABQ BioPark is home to gorillas Marcus, Matadi, Samantha, Huerfanita, Jack, Mashudu and Hasani. The gorillas are divided into two groups, which live in separate yards: the silverback group and the bachelor group.

Marcus leads the silverback group, which includes females Matadi and Samantha.  A male such as Marcus transitions into a silverback when he has reached sexual maturity. Physically, you can identify Marcus’s silverback status by his silver-colored coat and enlarged sagittal crest (a ridge of bone running lengthwise along the midline of the top of his skull).

Young males Jack, Mashudu and Hasani make up the bachelor group. Zookeepers compare these three males to “adolescent teenagers”—they are busy establishing who’s on top in this community. They also practice their stancing skills. These talents will aid them in the future when challenging each other.