While You've Been Away

The ABQ BioPark has made a number of upgrades over the last two months.

June 2, 2020 - Although the ABQ BioPark has been closed to the public since mid-March, Zoo project staff have been busy at work making improvements to the facilities. Zoo patrons can enjoy all of these upgrades when the facility reopens. Keep track of the BioPark's opening schedule here. 

New Exhibits at the Zoo

The most noticeable upgrades are the brand new Birds of the Islands exhibit and the re-imagined Raptor Roost exhibit. Both are located along the Tropical Trail.

Birds of the Islands features a number of avian species that live on the world's islands, including the Socorro dove and Guam kingfisher, two endangered species that the ABQ BioPark breeds to boost worldwide populations. The exhibit also features educational material about the unique challenges facing island birds.

Raptor Roost, an old favorite full of raptors like eagles, owls and vultures, received a facelift including new signs and revamped habitats.

Pool Renovations for Zoo Animals

The African painted dogs, storks, cranes, warthogs and cheetahs all got pool upgrades in their exhibits. Staff renovated pools in existing exhibits and added some new ones in others to provide fresh water for the animals to bathe, drink and cool off. The pools will benefit the overall well being of our animals, promoting natural behaviors and relief in the summer.

Rhino Yard Updates

The rhinoceroses also got some updates to their home thanks to a generous donor to the New Mexico BioPark Society. Additional shade structures were added, their old concrete trough was removed and replaced with a new hay trough, and a new street sweeper brush was installed. The added trough provides a new place for our rhinos to eat and enjoy their food, and is located in the shade. The street sweeper is a form of enrichment for the rhinos, who can use it to get a good back scratch in.

New Walkways at the Zoo

Zoo-goers will also benefit from a new walkway in pheasantry and new sidewalks near polar bears, flamingos and the Ape Walk. These walkways and sidewalks will make our exhibits more accessible to the public, and comply with ADA standards.

Beautification Projects

We also installed new sod, more trees and drains in Central Parq to beautify this popular green space.

New Zoo Babies

The Zoo welcomed two hyena babies in May. This is the second pair of hyena cubs for parents Smilla and Dubu. Read more about the babies.