Discover the BioPark Now Offering Virtual Field Trips

Educators will bring the Zoo, Botanic Garden and Aquarium to you with specialized presentations via Zoom

Oct. 9, 2020 - Now you can bring the ABQ BioPark directly to your classroom or home with a new "virtual field trip" option from Discover the BioPark.

Presentations are made live by BioPark educators at the Zoo, Botanic Garden and Aquarium and focus on habitats, animal adaptations and life science biological concepts. Content can be tailored to fit students of all ages and presentations include opportunities for question and answer sessions.
"We're so excited to offer this option to help enhance at-home learning," said Bethany Dunn, science education coordinator at the ABQ BioPark. "This is a safe and fun way for groups to learn more about the many plants and animals of the BioPark. During these presentations, you'll travel through our facilities and meet different staff members and animals - you just might meet one of our snake ambassadors or get to view behaviors of our African lions Kenya and Dixie." 
These programs were designed for - but not limited to - traditional classroom learning. The BioPark welcomes other groups, like scouts or youth groups, who have an interest in learning more about environmental science.
Each program is 30 minutes and delivered via Zoom. Teachers will receive pre- and post-presentation materials to go over with their students, which will enhance and strengthen the overall learning experience. 
Programs start at $50 and can be upgraded to $75 for special request content or a webinar that can accommodate up to 500 people. The session can be done over one login if all participants are in the same space or multiple logins if participants are distance learning. Logins are limited to traditional classroom size. 

More information about programs and booking can found at HoldMyTicket: