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Duties of Commission

Information about the duties of the Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission.

Duties of the Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission:

  • Solicit comments from the small business community relating to existing or proposed rules and legislation of the City that adversely impacts the formation, operation or expansion of a small business.
  • Notify associations or owners and officers of business that are likely to be affected by proposed rules and legislation that may have an adverse effect on small businesses and advise them that they may submit data or position papers to the Commission or its designee as to how the proposed rule or legislation will adversely affect them.
  • Prior to adoption of proposed rules or legislation that the Commission determines might have an adverse effect on small business the Commission shall prepare small business impact statements and present to the governing body or appropriate department.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of existing City rules that effect small business to determine if the rules negatively affect small business.
  • Provide quarterly reports to the Mayor and City Council with recommendations concerning rules that should be amended to minimize adverse impact on small business.