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Coreslab Structures (Albuquerque) Inc., 2800 2nd St. SW

Coreslab Structures (Albuquerque) Inc. requests an air quality permit in Application #359-M4

Coreslab Structures has submitted an application, to modify Construction Permit #359-M2-RV1, to the Air Quality Program (Program) of the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department. The application was received by the Program April 17, 2019 and updated on June 10, 2019.   The owner of the facility is Coreslab Structures, 2800 2nd St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.  The facility is located at 2800 2nd St. SW.  This application file has been assigned Permit Application No. 359-M4.

The modification proposes to add a 300-gallon above-ground gasoline tank, an additional storage silo and dry outdoor abrasive blasting.

Comment on this Application

If a person wishes to receive notification of the availability of the Program’s analysis for their review and comment, they must express that interest in writing to the Program before the end of the public comment period on August 21, 2019. Interested persons may submit written comments and evidence, request a public information hearing, or both on the permit application to the Program. Comments will be accepted and considered if postmarked by the end of the public comment period.

For more information contact Regan Eyerman, Senior Environmental Health Scientist at [email protected]

Application Documents