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Techniques for Fugitive Dust Control

DISCLAIMER: This list has been drawn from sources generally available to the public and is intended solely to assist in identifying potential service and product providers. The City of Albuquerque Air Quality Division disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the services or products of the listed providers. The City of Albuquerque Air Quality Division does not promote or endorse any service provider or product, whether listed or not listed, over any other provider or product.

Please download: Suggested Fugitive Dust Control Methods

Chemical Suppressants


Petroleum Emulsions

  • Asphotac - Petroleum Asphalt Emulsion (Dustbeater Enterprises, Inc.)
  • Coherex - petroleum resin emulsion
  • Retain - asphalt emulsion
  • DOPE30 Dust Oil Penetrating Emulsion asphalt emulsion and calcium liginsulfinate
  • Pennzsuppress D
  • FlowPro 1505 petroleum resin emulsion
  • Road Pro - asphalt emulsion

Other Emulsions

  • ArenaPro - all natural soy-lecithin blend dust suppresant for horse arenas and construction sites.
  • Road Oyl Resin Modified Emulsion - tree resin emulsion
  • Pineseal - tall oil pitch, tall oil rosin and lignin
  • Enduraseal 100 and 200
  • Entac - organic emulsion
  • nBind - Organic Tall Oil Emulsion
  • Road Pro Plus - multicomponent emulsion
  • PetroTack
  • TOPEIN - Emulsion of blended organic esters, surfactants, and water
  • Pine sap emulsion - Cousins Dust Control
  • Soapstock - soybean oil by-product
  • Soyl -- soybean oil -- Dust Pro, Inc.




  • Roadbond EN1 - a patented roadbase stabilization liquid
  • ICONOL Alkylphenol Ethoxylates - BASF Corporation
  • AsphaColor Hot Mix Integral Colored Asphalt Pavements & Colored Asphalt Sealant Products
  • Black Magic - asphalt release agent

Lignin Sulfonate

Other Chemical Suppressants

Dust Control Foams

  • MoFoam for crushers
  • Zircon's airborne dust control foam

Other Dust Control Techniques

Fibers, Mulches and Geotextiles

  • Buckley Powder Company - Geofabrics/erosion control
  • North American Green - erosion control blankets
  • Fiber mulch covering - Central Fiber Corp
  • Geotextiles - Mountain West Sales, Inc.
  • Agri-Fiber A/F 2000
  • Fiberwood - hydroseeding mulch
  • Fibercraft - hydromulch cellolose fiber
  • Stabilizer - organic binder
  • Dewatered Residual Wood Fiber
  • Soil Guard - bonded fiber matrix
  • Excel-Fibermulch II - aspen wood mulch
  • Cellulose Fiber
  • Sentinel - hydrophilic colloid derived from seed husks
  • Ecotak-OP and Ecotak-SAT
  • Curlex erosion control blankets


Water Spray/Dry Fog Systems


Dust Control Consulting Businesses and Research

Dust Control Businesses

Technical Information and Research on Fugitive Dust