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Sunport Security

The Albuquerque International Sunport, along with all other U.S. airports, continues to operate at an enhanced level of security.

Stricter security measures are expected to continue indefinitely and will impose some constraints on passengers and visitors to the Sunport.

Sunport passengers and visitors should be aware of and follow these guidelines:

  • Give yourself some extra time and be patient. Every effort the airport and airlines undertake is in an effort to ensure that your travel is safe, secure and efficient.
  • Check directly with your airline before going to the airport. Make absolutely sure your flight has not been cancelled, rescheduled or delayed.
  • Allow plenty of time for check-in prior to your scheduled departure time. Anticipate longer lines at airline ticket counters, increased security screening and other potential delays. Your airline can advise you how much extra time to allow—Call your airline in advance for a recommendation.
  • Picture ID is absolutely essential for flight check in at the ticket counter and other locations prior to boarding your aircraft. Please be prepared to present your ID at the security checkpoint and at the gate area.
  • Only passengers with tickets or passengers who can produce airline-approved documentation will be allowed beyond the security checkpoint. If you are utilizing e-tickets or ticketless travel, please confirm with your airline what you will need at the checkpoint.

Exceptions to this rule may be made for special circumstances such as parents escorting children or a need to accompany an elderly individual to the gate. Please check with your airline prior to reaching the security checkpoint for advice on how to best handle this situation so you avoid any unnecessary delays once you reach the checkpoint.

  • Family members, friends and others waiting on arriving passengers or accompanying departing passengers will have to stay outside the security checkpoint area. Meeters and greeters are no longer allowed access to the gate areas.
  • Sharp objects of any description, composition or length are strictly prohibited beyond the security checkpoint. This includes knives and scissors of any kind. Cutting objects such as box cutters and straight razors are not allowed past the checkpoint. Metal nail files, corkscrews, ice picks, letter openers, nail clippers with a comb knife, and screwdrivers are among other restricted items.

If you happen to be carrying a restricted item and it is detected at the security checkpoint, you will be given the option of taking the item back to your vehicle or checking it at your airline ticket counter. If you choose neither of these options, the item will be collected by security screening personnel and cannot be returned.

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for the passenger screening at the security checkpoint. Questions or comments relating to screening policies, procedures and employment should be directed to www.tsa.gov
  • New carry-on baggage restrictions allow only one (1) carry-on bag and one (1) personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or lap top computer per passenger. If you have more items than allowed, you will be asked to go back and check the extra items at the ticket counter.
  • The Sunport's parking garage and long-term surface lots are OPEN.
  • Unauthorized vehicles left unattended at the terminal curb on both the upper and lower level roadways will be cited and towed immediately—no exceptions. (Only authorized vehicles are allowed to park curbside.)
  • Loading and unloading of passengers and baggage at the curb is permitted. However, waiting at the curb—in or with your vehicle—is not allowed. Airport Police and traffic security personnel will ask individuals who park and wait to move along. If you are picking someone up, you are strongly encouraged to park in the Sunport's short-term parking garage if a wait of any length is anticipated.

  • If you do not wish to park, you may use our cell phone waiting area. This free lot is located just east of the parking structure on Girard and allows you to wait in your vehicle until your party is ready for pickup. Just follow the signs on the arrival level to the cell phone lot. This is a waiting area only and you must remain with your vehicle at all times.

General airport security is provided by the City of Albuquerque, Aviation Department Police.

Please take time to check with your airline if you have any questions regarding flights, restricted carry-on items, carry-on baggage limits, or security checkpoint exception access requests. Local newspapers and TV news reports, along with this web site, can provide helpful, up-to-date information on new procedures and conditions at the Sunport.

Please help us to make your travel experience as stress free and as pleasant as possible by following these guidelines. We are working hard to make air travel safe and efficient.

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