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Rebate Program

The Aviation Department is working with PNM to apply for rebates provided through their New Construction and Retrofit Rebates Program.

The purpose of this program is to provide cash incentives to customers to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. These incentives help reduce the up-front costs of installing more-efficient equipment and design more efficient buildings and makes it easier to invest in energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Some of the areas it covers are lighting, motors, HVAC, refrigeration and new construction. The Lighting Optimization project is a prime example of where the Sunport can apply for rebates. The replacement of the current T12 bulbs to a reduced wattage T8 and electronic ballast throughout the Sunport makes us eligible for the Lighting Incentive-Retrofit rebate from PNM. With new construction happening all the time at the Sunport, it will provide additional opportunities for even more rebate incentives.

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