Volunteering Success: Food for Pets of Homebound Seniors

Animal Humane New Mexico helps provide homebound seniors with food for their pets.

Animal Humane New Mexico has four Retired and Senior Volunteer Program volunteers that work on the first Friday of each month to package dog and cat food for the pets of homebound seniors.

Pets & Humans

A study published in the March 1999 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that senior citizens who own pets are less likely to be depressed, are better able to tolerate social isolation, and are more active than those who do not own pets. And these increased levels of activity are not explained solely because dog owners take their dogs for walks. Cat owners are equally active.

Pets offer us unconditional love, which is of significant benefit to our overall well-being.

In December 288 pounds of dog food and 62 to pounds of cat food were distributed by the Home Delivered Meals Program to 67 homebound seniors.

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