Parents Reaching Out (PRO)

Organizational and Administrative Support, Community Outreach, Ambassador, and Advocates needed.

The following volunteer opportunities are available.

Community Outreach:

This is a great opportunity to increase the awareness of PRO's services available to children with special needs and promote these resources within your community. Get involved with outreach activities including:

  • Distribute PRO promotional and marketing materials/restock resource center materials
  • Help recruit parents for workshops, training and conferences
  • Identify at least two speaking opportunities a year within your community and present information about PRO's services (e.g., PTA meetings, after religious service, at a local community center)
  • Help staff information booths at conferences and fairs
  • Serve as a media spokesperson

This is an opportunity to offer direct assistance to other parents of children with special needs:

  • Get matched with other parents and families who share your concerns to share information and to get and provide support
  • Talk with medical professionals about healthcare needs of family like yours
  • On as needed basis, present to professional groups about PRO's services
  • Bolster other parents' ability to advocate for their children (e.g., help other parents with IEP meetings)


Make your voice heard - from the halls of your state house to the halls of Congress. It is easy. Contact your elected officials, take action on urgent alerts, and spread the word about the services and funding needed to help children with special needs and importance of eliminating discrimination against children with special needs:

  • Participate in Legislative Day
  • When alerted by PRO, sign a petition
  • Let other families in your community know about upcoming policy change(s)

Organizational and Administrative Support:
Parents Reaching Out office staff needs assistance with organizing events, fundraising, and administrative duties:

  • General office support
  • Annual conference support
  • Golf tournament support
  • Special event and fundraising support
  • Serve on the boards/committees
  • Provide pro bono services

To learn more about the organizations, please visit:


Andrea Leon
Parents Reaching Out (PRO)
(505) 247-0192

[email protected]