Help Make a Difference in the Lives of People Living with Disabilities in our Community.

Volunteers and donors are considered "the heart" of LifeROOTS and among its most valuable resources. They help to make a real impact on the lives of people living with disabilities in our community. Volunteers and donors who join LifeROOTS can serve in a variety of roles:

  • LifeROOTS is looking for Board Members who:  Love someone who has been diagnosed or struggles with a disability anytime within their lifetime. Anyone who would like to lead their community to a more active position in supporting the community. Anyone who has a financial education. Anyone who has experience working with children or adults with special needs. Anyone who has skills and access to legislatures or decision makers. Anyone who would like to reduce government funding for very needed non for profit services. Anyone who is able to use their relationships, skills and abilities to communicate about the services we provide. We need volunteer Board Members, if you are interested please contact Kathleen! 
  • Painting a Day Hab center or classroom; helping to organize the manpower and funds to paint the rooms our clients use the most.
  • Helping raise money for wheelchairs for the Day Hab Many of our clients do not need wheel chairs, but we require them in the case of an emergency exit is required.
  • Provide tickets to events around the city. The Day Hab, Literacy and Career Discovery clients take field trips daily. Many of the clients only have a $20.00 budget for entertainment. Donations of tickets to the museums, exhibits at the museums, zoo, botanical gardens, and aquarium, Explora, events at Santa Ana Star Center, convention center and others are greatly appreciated.
  • Organize a small group of 5 to 7 individuals to bring a program to our Day Hab, monthly, for approximately one hour. Such as snack and karaoke, drum circles, science classes, yoga and more.

    LifeROOTS can't achieve its mission without help from the community. Caring individuals who are interested in working with people with disabilities can contact Kathleen Cates at 505-255-5501 ext. 1800 

To learn more about our organization, please visit:


Kathleen Cates 
(505) 255-9971
[email protected]