Corporate Volunteerism

Ready When the Time Comes is an American Red Cross volunteer program that utilizes the valuable human resources of local businesses and communities.

The Red Cross trains and mobilizes teams of volunteers to respond when local and large disasters occur. This is a corporate volunteer opportunity. We are looking for corporations to partner with the American Red Cross in New Mexico and to establish teams within their organization. A team of volunteers from each partner company will be trained in shelter operations and be able to help the community with the need for shelter immediately following a local, large-scale disaster.

The Ready When the Time Comes program was developed in 2001 as a partnership between the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago and Grainger, the national foundation sponsor of the program. Today, more than 13,000 volunteers from 460 corporations and organizations are “ready when the time comes” to respond a disaster.

  • Corporate Volunteer Opportunity
  • It’s a FREE Program
  • Team Building Experience
  • Opportunity to directly work in Disaster Response

If you are interested in starting a Ready When the Time Comes team at your business or organization please contact us for more information.